Who is not suitable for freezing point depilation

Friends who pay attention to hair removal should have heard of freezing point hair removal. Freezing point hair removal is a popular and favorite hair removal method. Although freezing point hair removal is very common, not everyone can do freezing point hair removal.

Who is not suitable for freezing point depilation

  1. In case of inflammation and wound, it is not suitable for freezing point depilation.

If you want to perform freezing point depilation, you should determine whether there is a wound or inflammation in the depilation area. Freezing point depilation is not suitable for wounds and inflammation.

  1. Black people are not suitable for freezing depilation.

Freezing point depilation acts on melanin in hair follicles. Depilation can be carried out normally under the guidance of melanin. Black people’s skin contains too much melanin, which may not be able to distinguish hair follicle tissue, or will cause too much damage to the skin, so freezing point hair removal is not suitable for black people.

  1. People with photoallergic skin are not suitable for freezing point depilation.

For light allergic skin, not only is it not suitable for freezing point depilation, but all laser, color light and other items are not suitable for people with light allergic skin, so as not to cause erythema, itching and other allergic reactions.

  1. Pregnant women are not suitable for freezing point depilation.

Freezing point depilation is not harmful to pregnant women and fetus. In order to avoid abortion caused by tension or other mental factors, pregnant women are advised not to carry out freezing point depilation during pregnancy.

Taboo crowd for freezing point depilation

  1. Congenital immune system defect. This kind of people can’t do freezing point hair removal treatment, otherwise it will be harmful to their health.
  2. Scar constitution.
  3. A beauty seeker with serious medical diseases.
  4. A beauty seeker who is allergic to light. Freezing point hair removal uses the combination of laser and RF energy. If you are allergic to light, experts in regular hospitals will not receive treatment.

Preparation before depilation

  1. Before freezing point hair removal, make sure that the skin will not be irritated and hurt. Two weeks before freezing point depilation, do not use depilatory cream, honey wax depilation or other depilatory products and methods that are easy to cause skin sensitivity.
  2. Before depilation, first determine the location and scope of depilation, and have a comprehensive understanding of the mechanism to be depilated before freezing point depilation.
  3. Do not wash hot water in the depilation area for 12 hours after freezing depilation. Depending on your specific situation, the doctor may have other requirements. Do not expose the skin before freezing point depilation, because the skin exposed before freezing point depilation may have burned the skin, making the skin red and blistered, which is not conducive to treatment. In addition, pay attention to whether you have a history of photoallergy before depilation.
  4. Before freezing point depilation, it is best to clean the depilated part. Female friends should avoid menstruation and depilate at freezing point.