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Which is better, super ice depilation or freezing point depilation? Precautions after super ice depilation

Hair removal in summer is a very common thing. Female friends who love beauty want smooth, white and clean skin. Hair removal through medical beauty can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, so they are deeply welcomed and loved by everyone.

Which is better, super ice depilation or freezing point depilation

Based on the traditional semiconductor laser freezing point hair removal, super ice hair removal has launched the world’s first super ice hair removal mode, truly realizing a painless, fast and comfortable hair removal experience, and overturning the concept of traditional laser and color light hair removal. Both super ice depilation and freezing point depilation belong to laser, which can eliminate hair. Freezing point depilation is an old technology, and the depilation speed is relatively slow. Super ice depilation is the latest technology. The depilation speed is at least three times faster than the freezing point, which is relatively more comfortable. Therefore, from this point of view, the effect of super ice depilation is relatively good. The hair at the depilation part is not only cleaned, but also permanent. It is a non-invasive laser beauty technology, which uses the absorption of melanin cells in hair follicles to specific wave bands of light, so as to increase the temperature of hair follicles, atrophy and necrosis, prevent the regeneration of methods, and achieve the effect of permanent hair removal after one to three courses of treatment.

Precautions after super ice depilation

  1. After super ice depilation, the depilated part may produce slight redness and swelling, skin sensitivity and hot or itchy feeling. If you feel pain, apply ice to reduce the pain.
  2. Do not take a sauna or steam bath after depilation, mainly to avoid infection, and do not swim in the swimming pool or beach.

3, please avoid sunburn after hair removal for over half a year, and apply sunscreen lotion to the affected part with the doctor’s instructions to reduce sunlight exposure.

  1. Pay attention to hygiene. Don’t wear underwear with too deep staining or unclean, which is easy to get inflamed.
  2. Eat vitamin C or vitamin C-containing fruit directly after hair removal. Vitamin C can improve skin resistance and reduce pigment production.
  3. Pay attention to the use of skin care products after depilation. Cleaning products or skin care products with less skin irritation are best not to be used after treatment (do not use cosmetics and skin care products containing fruit acid and a acid, and do not use scrub, alcohol and antiperspirant).

It should be mentioned that although super ice depilation can permanently depilate, it needs to depilate many times according to the course of treatment. It usually requires 4-6 depilations (with an interval of 1-1.5 months). Some people have thick hair. A single super ice hair removal can only remove the thicker surface hair, but can not completely remove the small hair. Therefore, according to the subject’s own body hair condition, according to the course of treatment, super ice depilation can achieve the purpose of permanent depilation.

Super ice depilation process

step1. Skin preparation: clean the part, remove grease and dirt, and remove the hair in the treatment area.

step2. Coated cold gel: thickness 1-2mm, easy to slide (band 755nm for super ice depilation can also do not need to smear gel, now to avoid disputes, the doctor will basically do hair removal so people are coated with gel).

step3. According to the hair type, select the best hair removal wavelength, hand tools and hair removal modes, such as SHR freezing point mode, HR fixed point mode and stack flying point mode, personalized hair removal.

In the whole process of super ice hair removal, ladies and sisters generally don’t feel burning and pain, which is comfortable and refreshing. In particular, using the FREETON super ice hair removal machine, the leader of freezing point hair removal, the treatment head can reach a cooling temperature of minus 4 °, the hair removal process is very comfortable, and it is the instrument with the lowest pain at present. There is even no pain in places with more meat such as armpits and calf.