What side effects does leg depilation have

Leg depilation is a very common way of depilation. Many people want smooth, delicate and flawless legs. Long hair on the legs is very normal. Many people wear shorts in summer to depilate their legs and want to have a beautiful summer.

What side effect does leg depilation have

  1. Scar may be caused during operation.
  2. Redness and swelling may occur during the operation and will subside after a period of time.
  3. A few people, such as those with dark, yellow or dark skin color, may have temporary depigmentation or change after depilation.

Although the risk of surgery is inevitable, we don’t need to worry too much.

Why shave your legs

Reduce wind resistance. Legs without leg hair have lower wind resistance, and the wind resistance of cycling is much greater than that of slower running and other sports. Specialized wind tunnel tests have also confirmed this. Compared with the purchase of carbon knives or pneumatic helmets, the benefits of shaving legs can be said to be cost-effective.

Convenient massage will be smoother and more comfortable when doing massage. It will not cause pain due to rubbing leg hair (although it is generally massaged by yourself), and it is also easy to clean. The injury is easier to recover. The wound without leg hair after you fall and scrape will be easier to deal with, which can reduce the trouble of leg hair growing into the skin of the wound. In short, it can make you recover faster. This is particularly important for some people who often fall due to poor car control.

Beautiful, shaved legs can make your sunburn look better. Some people can also show tattoos on their legs. Obvious sunburn can also let others know that you are a cyclist. And it will be smoother when wearing and taking off riding pants, and there will be no friction caused by leg hair when cycling. Even just from the perspective of appearance, smooth and clean legs look much better than covered or thick or sparse fur legs.

Do any girls like big hairy legs? Culture and tradition no matter whether you think the above benefits are useful or not, shaving your legs is what a veteran driver should do, or at least shave your legs when participating in activities and competitions. This is also a very important tradition in bicycle culture, because professional athletes always do this. You don’t shave your legs. Do you mean to say you’re a cyclist? It’s actually tiring to shave your legs often. For many lazy riders, just shave your legs before participating in competitions or important activities.

Precautions for leg depilation

Laser hair removal:

  1. Before laser hair removal, the parts requiring hair removal shall be cleaned and disinfected, and the bath shall be cleaned;
  2. Before laser hair removal, wrap ice cubes with towels and apply cold compress on the hair removal site to reduce the pain;
  3. Do not use depilatory cream, depilatory cream and cosmetics before laser depilation;
  4. Laser hair removal has different effects on different individuals and different parts. Individual factors include endocrine dysfunction, different anatomical parts, skin chroma, hair color, hair density, hair growth cycle and hair follicle depth. Generally speaking, people with white skin and black hair are better.

E Lezi hair removal:

  1. Strictly grasp the indications and contraindications. If you are not sure, please consult a professional doctor;
  2. Do not pull out the hair within 2 weeks before depilation. The hair on the treated part should be removed one day before treatment. If the wound is healed after shaving, the course of treatment can be carried out;
  3. Do not use hair removal cream and other analogues and other cosmetics before hair removal;
  4. It is recommended to moisturize the skin 14 days before the treatment;
  5. Clean and bathe before hair removal to ensure local hygiene;

Will super ice depilation affect work

After super ice depilation without treatment, the pores on the skin will have some slight edema, manifested as mild redness and edema, but it will completely disappear after about 2 hours.