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What should we pay attention to before and after laser depilation

Laser hair removal method is mainly based on the principle of selective thermodynamics, which uses the melanocytes in the hair follicle to absorb the light of specific wave band, so as to cause the hair follicle to generate heat, selectively destroy the hair follicle structure and make irreversible changes, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.

This method is effective for removing body hair from all parts of the human body, especially for people with light skin color, fine and black body hair. Its advantages are once and for all, complete removal of body hair and no regeneration; The disadvantage is that the cost is expensive and limited by the hair growth cycle. The whole hair removal process needs to be divided into several stages, which generally lasts for half a year.

Finally, we should remind you that no matter which way you depilate, the skin of the depilated part should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before depilation. For details, please refer to the operation manual and precautions attached to the product. After depilation, the hair follicle and cuticle of the skin at the depilation place may be damaged to varying degrees. Therefore, special attention should be paid to keeping the skin clean and dry. In addition, hair loss should be avoided after waking up in the morning or during menstruation, and during pregnancy and lactation. Patients with diabetes, skin diseases, varicose veins or other serious diseases are also not suitable for hair removal.

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