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What are the advantages of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has five advantages:

1、 Square large light spot, quickly remove hair and speed up treatment!

The spot of laser hair removal is designed as a square spot of 9 mm. When large-area skin hair removal is carried out, it is not only efficient and fast, but also can eliminate the treatment overlapping dead zone formed by the traditional laser circular spot.

2、 Sapphire contact cooling patented technology is safe and does not damage the skin

The contact cooling laser head makes the sapphire window close to the skin during treatment to cool the local epidermis to 5 degrees, which not only effectively protects the normal skin from thermal damage and reduces pain, but also increases the treatment energy and improves the curative effect. At the same time, the laser head presses down on the skin to make the hair follicles fall down and increase the absorption of laser by 30% – 40%.

3、 The ultra long light pulse time is adjusted to protect the epidermis and remove hair of different thickness at the same time

The laser pulse time required for the best hair removal effect is related to the thickness of the hair. The thicker the hair, the longer the laser action time required. The laser pulse time of Lightsheer semiconductor laser is from 5 seconds to 100 milliseconds, which can not only obtain the ideal hair removal effect, but also effectively protect the epidermis from thermal damage.

4、 Optimum laser wavelength

Laser hair removal must meet two important conditions. First, the laser can be fully absorbed by hair follicle tissue; Second, the laser can effectively pass through the skin to reach the position of the hair follicle. The wavelength of Lightsheer semiconductor laser is 800 nm. It is in the near-infrared region of the spectrum. Melanin is well absorbed. At the same time, it can penetrate into the deep layer of dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue, act on hair follicles in different parts and depths, and effectively remove hair in any part and depth of the human body.

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