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The effect of laser hair removal can be permanent

For most girls, they want their hands, legs, face and even every inch of skin to be smooth. Especially in summer, this season of long legs and body drying. Therefore, laser hair removal has become one of their most concerned beauty projects. Netizens’ questions can be seen everywhere in many forums, websites and other places – “is the effect of laser hair removal permanent?” “Can you take it off at one time?” “Will laser hair removal do any harm to hair follicles?” In order to let the majority of netizens have a deeper understanding of this technology, the family doctor specially interviewed Professor Lu Feng, deputy director of plastic and cosmetic surgery of Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University, and asked him to answer your questions.

Laser hair removal can be used for any part of the permanent effect

What kind of technology is used to realize the so-called laser hair removal? “Laser hair removal is a non-invasive method to remove hair from different parts of the human body – the hair removal instrument releases light of a specific wavelength and is absorbed by some pigment cells in the hair follicle. When these cells absorb enough energy, they will rupture and lead to the destruction of the hair follicle, that is, fundamentally inhibit the re growth of hair and realize the goal of permanent hair removal Effect. “

Professor Lu Feng told the family doctor online editor that all hair growth in the human body is based on the same principle. Therefore, laser hair removal can be basically used for hair molting in any part. That is, in general, there is no hair follicle in any area, which can not be solved by laser hair removal. Secondly, after treatment, some sparse and soft hairs may grow again, but they will fall off naturally after a period of time.

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