Can a tattoo be removed with a laser? How to get rid of it?

  Tattoos can be removed by laser.

  Laser tattoos usually leave scars. Too much color usually requires surgical resection.

  Laser tattoo removal refers to applying laser to the affected area to break the pigment particles into tiny fragments, which are expelled through skin scabs, or through cell phagocytosis to complete the pigment metabolism, so as to achieve the purpose of removing tattoos. But it can only reduce the color of the tattoo, and it is difficult to completely remove it. In addition, scar hyperplasia often leaves superficial scars.

  A tattoo is a pattern on the skin caused by an exogenous substance. It is usually tattoo art, beauty or trauma, implanted in the dermis, and generally only exists on the surface. In theory, the effect of laser tattoo removal can be maintained for a long time. Laser tattoo removal surgery can remove larger and heavier tattoos, and is a common method of tattoo removal. Compared with other tattoo removal methods, laser tattoo removal is simple and less damage to normal skin. Because of the high precision of the laser, the size and depth of the treatment can be strictly controlled. Only tattoo pigments are used in the treatment, and the lighter color generally does not leave scars. And after treatment, the recovery is fast, the reaction is small, and only slight edema is produced, which can subside within a few days. However, the effect of laser treatment is limited and incomplete, and many treatments are needed to achieve the desired effect.

  Whether laser tattoos will leave scars depends on the selected medical institution and the technical level of the surgeon. Therefore, it is more secure to choose a regular medical institution and professional doctors. Second, it depends on the post-operative care and physique of the beauty seeker, because the improper postoperative care of the beauty seeker without a doctor’s advice may also cause scar formation, and the beauty seeker with scar constitution is more likely to leave it. scar.

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