What are the features of laser tattoo removal?

  Laser tattoo removal is an excellent treatment for tattoo removal. If you don’t understand this approach and are careful, it can lead to some bad things.

  Experts point out that laser tattoo removal is based on the laser explosion principle, with a fixed wavelength of laser irradiation of the skin, laser penetration of the epidermis and dermal papilla layer, the effect on the skin of the tiny pigment clusters. The pigment clusters absorb the laser’s energy and, when heated, expand and burst. Some are immediately ejected from the body, while others are swallowed by macrophages in the body and then expelled by the body’s lymphatic system.

  Laser tattoo removal therapy has the advantages of continuous adjustable energy, high output power, wide treatment range, short treatment time, fine treatment of various diseases, good effect and so on. Laser tattoo removal without anesthesia, no cross infection, no damage to normal skin, pigment removal completely, leaving no scar.

  Can you laser clean your tattoo?

  Experts believe that laser tattoo removal does not damage the living tissue of the skin, and laser tattoo removal does not leave scars, the effect is good. Laser tattoo removal is suitable for removing shallow lines, but the disadvantage is obvious, that is, there may be skin pigmentation or shedding after surgery. Remove scars left when the skin is too deep, but it is difficult to completely remove the deep pigment. Suture skin grafting was performed, but obvious scar was left after surgery, and the color and texture of skin grafting area were poor.

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