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Should I shave before using the hair remover? Precautions for using the hair remover

Now many people like to use the household hair remover at home. The hair remover is fast and convenient to use and is deeply loved by everyone. Generally, we need to remove our hair before hair removal.

Do you want to shave before using the depilator

What girls need to pay attention to is that they must shave their hair before using the depilator. If the body hair is not scraped initially, it is likely to cause the hair to be scorched and curled after the depilator is used. In addition, the effect of depilation will also be affected. Therefore, shaving in advance is the best choice.

Precautions for the use of depilator

  1. Take measures to protect the eyes. During the use of the hair remover, the eyes cannot look directly at the light source. It is best to protect the eyes by wearing sunglasses. In addition, parts too close to the eyes cannot be depilated. Because the brightness of the light emitted by the depilator is very high, which will stimulate the eyes.
  2. Strengthen sunscreen. When you run out of equipment, you must pay attention to sunscreen, so as to avoid sunburn and tanning of hair removed skin.
  3. Avoid repeatedly polishing the same part. You can’t polish it again within ten seconds, because depilation can’t be achieved overnight.
  4. Avoid abnormal areas of the skin. The skin with moles, acne and wounds should be avoided, because the skin in these parts reacts violently to the energy of the depilator.
  5. Hair removal instrument is forbidden for special people. People with cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator or any electronic implant in their body cannot use hair removal instrument to avoid some adverse reactions.
  6. Pay attention to sunscreen after use. When you go out, apply sunscreen evenly on the depilated parts, because after laser depilation, you should prevent pigment precipitation and direct exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays, which will cause the product of pigment.
  7. Avoid tattoos and dark skin areas. The hair removal part should avoid tattoos and dark areas on the body. These areas generally gather a large amount of melanin, and the function principle of hair removal instrument is to let melanin absorb strong light. This will make the skin darker.
  8. Pay attention to gentle moisturizing after use. After using the hair remover, use some pure Moisturizing Body Milk with mild pH value to avoid the skin becoming too dry, fragile and sensitive.