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Should hair removal be done before or after bathing

Depilation is the most common way of skin care in summer. Thick body hair affects beauty, especially female friends who love beauty care about body hair. Depilation is a very simple and fast thing, which can be easily completed at home.

Should depilation be before or after bathing

Hair removal after bathing. The skin after depilation is relatively fragile. If depilation is carried out before bathing, the water temperature of bathing is not well controlled, which can easily affect the parts that have just depilated and cause skin allergies. Depilation after bathing will be safer. The skin will be cleaned by bathing. Depilation after cleaning the skin is not easy to cause skin infection. It depends on the specific hair removal method. We usually use hair removal cream after bathing, because if we use it before bathing, the water temperature is not controlled properly during bathing, which can easily affect the part where we have just depilated, because hair removal cream has certain sensitization after all. The shaver can be used before bathing, and then the depilated part can be thoroughly cleaned with the help of bathing, which will become beautiful.

After bathing, the specific steps of depilation with depilatory cream are: clean and dry the parts to be depilated. Then apply the depilatory cream directly on the part to be depilated, and evenly spread the depilatory cream. This thickness should cover the body hair without rubbing. Wait for the depilatory cream to stay for a while, and the time shall be controlled at 5-8 minutes. Then you can wipe a small part of the skin with a paper towel first. If it falls off easily, it means that there is force, and all of it is wiped. After wiping, wash the depilated part with warm water, and then rub a little moisturizing skin lotion and body milk. Although hair removal creams, hair removers and other methods can not permanently remove body hair, they can help us have fresh skin for a short time. They are still a very good hair removal method. Different hair removal methods and methods have different targeted points and methods when used. We need to understand these in order to easily remove body hair and have health and beauty.

Hair removal or bath first

It is recommended to use hair removal after taking a bath, because after taking a bath, it is better to use hair removal cream. After taking a bath, the pores will open, so the hair removal effect is better! However, do not use soap in the depilation area, during bathing and after depilation! After the hair is finished, it is better to use a little lotion, otherwise it will be a bit dry. If you want to take a bath after using depilatory cream, you should pay attention to avoid using soap, shower gel and other products to avoid aggravating the stimulation to the depilated skin. In addition, it should also be noted that the water temperature of bathing should be controlled at about 40 degrees Celsius. It is not suitable to take a shower, so that the cleaning effect can be better. Depilatory cream can depilate mainly by burning the skin surface and will not damage hair follicles. Therefore, it has the condition of hair regrowth after use. You can choose cold compress. It’s best not to apply external plaster to avoid chemical reaction with depilation cream and causing damage to the skin again. Therefore, it is normal to have a slight burning feeling on the skin with depilatory cream. Pay attention to apply it often and use it in strict accordance with the instructions. Generally, there will be no big problem.

Can I use shower gel before depilation

Can be used.

Before depilation, take a bath with shower gel. The shower gel used on the skin will be washed clean with water, and then continue to use depilation cream. The shower gel will not cause irritation and damage to the skin, but can play a good cleaning role and is more conducive to depilation.

Common hair removal methods

1、 Shaving principle: shave off the hair on the skin surface with a razor.

Applicable crowd: people who are afraid of pain and have sensitive skin. It can be used to remove fine hair on face, arms and legs and short hair on fingers.

Method: soften the hair before shaving and then take a bath. Lubricant should be water or oil. It’s better not to use soap. It will make the skin too dry. The blade should be replaced regularly.

Advantages: low economic cost, not limited by the site. It’s very convenient to use. Using a professional body razor can make the hair removal effect better.

Disadvantages: we should form the habit of scraping every day, otherwise a layer of small black spots will grow, which is very unsightly. If the technology is not skilled, it is easy to scratch the skin, sweat will make the damaged skin itchy, and bacteria may take advantage of it.

2、 Wax depilation principle: stick the body hair with sticky wax and tear it off together.

Applicable crowd: honey wax depilation is suitable for people who are not afraid of pain and are not easy to be allergic. It can be used for body hair on arms, legs and armpits.

Usage: apply the honey wax evenly on the skin and stick it tightly to the skin so that all the hairs can be adhered, then cover the gauze, pull up the gauze covered on the skin by pulling, and pull out the hair by roots.

Advantages: you can remove a large piece of hair at a time, even if the hair grows again is relatively thin.

Disadvantages: it can cause pain, and the chemically synthesized beeswax is easy to cause irritation to the skin. When tearing down, the body hair is easy to stay in a part of the pores, and the broken half of the hair end is very easy to pierce into the hair follicle, causing folliculitis. Pay special attention to cleaning and care after depilation.

3、 Depilation principle of depilation cream: use the chemical substances to dissolve the hair structure to achieve the purpose of depilation. The main component of this preparation is thioacetic acid (calcium).

Applicable crowd: people who are afraid of pain but whose skin is not easy to be allergic. It is applicable to the parts of armpits or legs that need depilation in a large area.

Usage: patch test must be done before use. The skin should be cleaned before use to reduce irritation. When in use, apply the depilatory cream evenly on the part to be depilated. After 5 ~ 10 minutes, the hair will soften and scrape it with a scraper.

Advantages: it is specially used to deal with small and soft body hair, and can quickly remove a large area of hair.

Disadvantages: because this method does not damage hair follicles, it does not last long. It will grow again in about three days. The chemical composition of depilatory cream is irritating to the skin. Frequent use or sensitive skin will cause redness, swelling, allergy and even rash. People with sensitive constitution should use it with caution.

4、 Principle of cloth depilation: similar to wax depilation.

Applicable crowd: because it is easy to carry, it is more suitable for people who often travel, and there is no smell of chemicals.

Usage: cut it according to the size of the required part, stick the cloth on the part that needs depilation, and tear it off quickly.

Advantages: it is light and convenient, takes a short time, but lasts a long time, and the newly grown hair is relatively thin.

Disadvantages: the action of tearing down should be fast and the effect is good, otherwise it will be very painful.