What is the beauty effect of microneedle? Side effects and harms of microneedle

  What is the beauty effect of microneedle rf machine? I have felt the side effects and harms of microneedle. As an intern dog, I deeply feel the importance of appearance. For my acne-prone face, my heart is really hard. I take medicine and use various skin care products, but the effect is not very satisfactory. I have been using various skin care products repeatedly, but the effect is not very good. I felt that I had to give up, did too many strategies, and found that microneedling can improve my skin. I went to a regular institution for a face-to-face consultation, and it was arranged soon. Today TT girl will share my microneedle vaccination experience XS with you!

  What is the beauty effect of rf fractional micro needle? On the third day after the microneedle finished the fruit acid, the skin improved a little. I remember I just got acne the next day, which scared me to death. I asked the doctor, and the doctor patiently explained the principle to me, saying it was an irritable stimulus response. After a long time of accumulation, it will break out in the form of acne through this broken skin. Generally, people with sufficient body (tight beauty) will recover on their own in about three to five days, so I feel relieved. It will not destroy the structural integrity of our skin, it can. The tube is mainly made of elastin (tightening beauty), which can better transport the required ingredients to the good position of the skin mouth, puncture the skin’s self-healing ability, effectively activate the fine cells, repair damaged tissues, and microneedles The absorption effect is close to 100%, which is 4000 times that of ordinary care! Now I feel that the acne is a little smaller than before, I am looking forward to it~

  Rf fractional machine is equivalent to opening countless small channels on the surface of the skin, allowing skin care products that are difficult to penetrate the stratum corneum to easily enter the inside and take effect. In addition, when microneedles leave small wounds on the surface of the skin, they can cause scar tissue. The more wounds, the more scar tissue. If there is insufficient nutrition, the skin tension cannot be repaired, and the regenerative cell tissue cannot be completely repaired, resulting in uneven or over-developed scar tissue. When the scar tissue gathers under the skin, it will visually feel that the face becomes larger, and the uneven scar formation will give you a feeling of unevenness under the skin.

  Seven days after surgery: I want to share with you the postoperative care today. After the treatment, I bought (Jianmei) and kept drinking. The cosmetics I bought before are useless. Drinking a bag every morning and evening, washing my face with warm water, I found some scabs on my face. The doctor said not to eat spicy food. People around me also said that my face was not as red as before, and the acne healed soon. Although it is still a bit ugly every day, I am satisfied with the condition of my skin.

  After a few days of microinjection, no one can be seen? I am a sensitive person. I stayed at home for two days after finishing the microneedle. In fact, my colleagues did not laugh at me. It usually takes a week to half a month after the microneedling is completed. I recovered really quickly, and it has been a week since the operation. I think it might have something to do with me listening to the doctor and insisting on drinking what the doctor told me every day. 30 days after the operation: Check in again! Now the skin has completely recovered, and it was repaired by my old friend (Jianmei), which has made a great contribution to good care. Haha, the nutrients needed by injured tissues directly penetrate into the bottom of the skin, stimulate the skin’s self-healing ability, promote skin metabolism, and maintain skin elasticity. Now my skin is very slippery, so happy~

  I also checked the relevant information. Through continuous attention and detection of damaged cells, scientists have proved that continuous supply (Jianmei) can quickly and intensively repair damaged cells, quickly help cells complete the stress response, and repair damaged cells such as micro cells, mutant cells, and atrophy cells. Repair and stimulate tissue regeneration, intensive repair, increase the density of elastic fibers, and increase the density of intercellular material.

  Do not take collagen before surgery: After skin irritation, collagen itself will be stimulated. At this time, it is necessary to quickly stabilize the structure of the new collagen, instead of adding too much collagen, so collagen cannot be taken.

  Therefore, for babies like me who want to make a microneedling machine, because microneedling will inevitably cause some trauma to the skin, if the repair (tightening) and good care are not done well, it may directly affect the treatment of microneedling. The effect can even cause serious adverse reactions, so it must be paid enough attention.

  After finishing the micro needling machine, my biggest feeling is that when I wash my face, it feels smooth and the makeup is gentle. At first, I didn’t dare to think of anything else for the purpose of micro-needling for acne treatment. Now I gradually found that the skin moisture content, fine lines, and slight sagging have also improved, which is an unexpected gain.

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