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Will it grow back after laser hair removal?

  There is a friend named Xiaoya, who is very clean and watery. She has the temperament of a girl next door, especially her legs are long and straight, but she never wears a skirt, she always wears jeans. I asked her once and she told me that her leg hair is very serious. As a girl, I certainly understand that her leg hair can be really embarrassing.

  Will it grow back after laser hair removal?

  I told her that I can do laser hair removal, but she asked a question: Will it grow back after laser hair removal? I believe many people have this problem.

  Then will it grow back again?

  Laser hair removal is the use of lasers to destroy hair follicles so that they no longer grow hair, but there are three stages of hair growth: growth, staying and shedding. At any time of our skin, 85% of the hair is in the growth period, and laser hair removal is for the growth period hair, the remaining 15% of the hair is in the residence period, and it can only be removed again when it is in the growth period.

  So it is still possible to regenerate after laser hair removal, but the regenerated hair will become more slender, but not obvious, but these are all based on personal physique. Some people may grow hair again after 4 or 5 years after laser hair removal, and some people may grow hair again after 7 or 8 years.

  Will laser hair removal grow back?

  How many times do you usually have to take it off?

  It is impossible to achieve the effect at once. In theory, each person usually does it 5-7 times, with an interval of 1-2 months, and then cuts all the hair in one part. This is because the regenerative function of hair follicles is very powerful. A laser irradiation can only temporarily stop the growth of hair follicles, but cannot destroy the growth function of hair follicles, so it needs to be carried out again later until the hair follicles lose their growth function.

  Under what circumstances is laser hair removal effective?

  For laser hair removal, when the skin is whiter and the hair is darker, the hair removal effect will be better. The laser is aimed at the melanin of the hair follicles, and the hair follicles in the growth period have more melanin, so it is the time of hair removal.

  TIPS: After laser hair removal, it will not affect the perspiration, because the hair in the hair follicle is removed, and the sweat is discharged from the eccrine glands. Moreover, it will only damage the hair follicles, stop hair growth, and will not damage the surrounding skin. Instead, it will become whiter due to the light and heat of the laser.

  Generally speaking, the more laser hair removal times, the better the hair removal effect. However, you can’t keep doing this just because you want to get rid of your hair. You should do it according to your physique, so as not to cause unnecessary physical harm.

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