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How much is beard laser hair removal?

  Some people say it is the beard of the nine handsome face, but most people can’t hold it. When thick beards form full beards, they start to consider laser hair removal. According to big data statistics, in the past three years, men’s hair removal has accounted for 39% of the total, an increase of 51% year-on-year. Among them, laser hair removal has ranked the top three in the number of hair removal.

  I have a problem with my beard and I want to do laser hair removal.

  began to shave at the age of 19, and I don’t know where it is not recommended to shave. After a few years, the beard became darker and denser, and then I began to think about medical beauty.

  just scratched. Obviously it’s still messy. The effect of the first laser beard removal and the comparison after three times are indeed much cleaner than before.

  Laser beard removal effect for the first time and comparison after three times

  The feeling at these times is that it is easy and not painful to take off the beard. Now the fluffy beard is less, but the skin is tender and the pores are also reduced.

  Let’s talk about the price first from the experience of laser beard removal.

  Under normal circumstances, the cost of beard hair removal is about 3000-6000 yuan, the price difference depends on two points:

  1. The density of a single root. Each person’s facial beard density is different, the difficulty of operation, the length of time, and the growth cycle of individual beards will affect the number of treatments, and the price will also be different.

  2. The selected laser instrument. The range is very wide, all are laser instruments, but they are divided into Lesser laser hair removal instrument, 808 semiconductor hair removal instrument, IPL intense pulse light instrument, moonlight vacuum instrument, freezing point waltz hair removal instrument and so on. Different choices will affect the cost.

  In addition to the above two points, in fact, the region will also affect the price. Relatively speaking, the average price of formal medical beauty institutions in first- and second-tier cities starts at around 4,500 yuan, while that in third- and fourth-tier cities may start at around 3200 yuan. Choose a formal medical institution with mature hair removal technology, and professional medical staff will give hair removal suggestions and plans. As long as you do it regularly in accordance with the prescribed number and frequency, the effect will be obvious.

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