diode laser hair removal

Laser hair removal, summer sun out your good figure!

Summer has quietly come to us. In order to show their elegant posture, beauty loving women should first do enough homework for hair removal. After hair removal, they can reveal their smooth skin and beautiful legs and arms. If you let boys see a thick layer of hand and leg hair, they will be embarrassed and irresistible. It can be seen that hair removal is imperative.

Some fairies have so long hair that they can’t even bite mosquitoes. Let’s take a look at how hard core fairies depilate. They use tape, tweezers, and fire therapy. They can smell burning across the screen. Here, it is not recommended that beauty seekers use these methods. Improper hair removal methods will cause damage to our skin, and the consequences are more serious. Let’s introduce several common hair removal methods.

Hair removal cream

Depilatory cream is believed to have been used by everyone. It is easy to use but has short timeliness. The principle is to use chemicals to dissolve the hair structure. However, short maintenance time and chemical composition may lead to sensitivity.


Shaving with a blade or eyebrow trimming knife is a very common method in hair removal. It is easy to operate and cheap. However, it’s easy to scratch accidentally. When scraping, I suggest girls pay attention to three points

  1. Use disposable blades as much as possible, or change blades frequently to ensure that the blade is sharp, and the passivated blade is easier to scratch;
  2. Before skin shaving, it is recommended to gently moisten skin and collocation with shaving foam to make the skin straight and scrape along the direction of hair growth.
  3. It is recommended to clean and disinfect the shaving equipment after scraping each time to avoid microbial breeding.

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