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The harm of laser hair removal to the face

  Laser hair loss is a common plastic surgery. Some female friends have a lot of hair on their faces. How effective is this surgery? What’s the harm?

  The side effects of laser hair removal on the face

  Expert advice: Laser hair removal is a very safe laser hair removal method. It has been certified by the US authorities and has been successfully treated tens of thousands of times around the world. The laser hair removal treatment process is simple and quick, and will not cause any health effects. Therefore, as long as you choose a good hospital and doctor, laser hair removal is very safe.

  Laser hair removal is an advanced method of hair removal. Laser technology is integrated into the hair removal surgery. The operation is very safe. Laser hair removal is different from traditional hair removal, it will cause side effects or leave a little scar. If you choose a regular plastic surgery hospital for laser hair removal, there will be no side effects and no harm to human skin.

  About laser hair removal

  1 Those people are not suitable for laser hair removal?

  Because laser hair removal is treated by the preferential absorption of laser light by the pigment in the hair follicles, people with dark skin may also absorb part of the laser energy during the treatment process, which may cause certain damage to the skin. Therefore, laser hair removal is particularly suitable for the skin. People with fair skin and darker hair. If the skin is dark, or the skin tone is dark, and the hair color is relatively light, it will affect the treatment effect. In other words, people with particularly dark skin are not suitable for laser hair removal treatment.

  2.Will laser hair removal affect skin function?

  The skin has many physiological functions, such as sweating, regulating body temperature, sensory function, protecting the body, absorption and excretion function, immune function, etc. Laser hair removal will not affect these functions of the skin.

 3.Does laser hair removal hurt? How long will the treatment take?

  There are many sensory nerves around each hair follicle. If the hair follicle receives enough laser energy, the body will feel a certain degree of pain. Therefore, in order to achieve effective treatment, there must be some pain. In other words, pain generally means that the treatment is effective. If it does not hurt at all, it means that the laser energy is insufficient and needs to be readjusted. Therefore, you should tell the doctor how you feel about the treatment during treatment. This will help the doctor determine and set the various treatment parameters of the laser according to your specific situation, so as to obtain a satisfactory treatment effect. But don’t be nervous, this kind of pain is completely tolerable, a bit like a tiny tingling sensation, very interesting.

  Laser hair removal is very convenient and fast, which is one of the obvious advantages of laser hair removal treatment. The length of treatment depends on the area of ​​hair removal. For example, it only takes 15 minutes to remove armpit hair.

  4.Can laser hair removal achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal?

  Permanent hair removal is actually a direct translation of permanent hair removal. If translated into permanent hair removal, it may be more scientific. In fact, in the United States, if there is no obvious hair growth for a long time (for example, 1-2 years) after treatment, then hair removal treatment is a permanent hair removal method. Both laser hair removal and electro-acupuncture hair removal belong to this type of treatment. Specifically, for laser hair removal, the effect of treatment, the number of treatments, the time interval between treatments, the energy during treatment, individual differences in the body, and many other aspects are determined. Generally speaking, the more treatments, the more likely it is to achieve long-term hair removal. If the number of treatments is too small, the treatment effect will be temporary. Therefore, the long-term hair removal effect is relative, not absolute, and should not be boring. Generally speaking, in order to achieve the purpose of hair removal, a course of treatment requires 6 treatments. The treatment should be carried out in strict accordance with the interval time notified by the doctor. The treatment interval should not be too long, otherwise the treatment will easily fail. Of course, some people have powerful hair follicles. Although a few hairs are still growing after a very strict course of hair removal treatment, the hairs at this time are generally relatively small, similar to fur, and do not affect the appearance. If it is obvious, another course of treatment should be given. Of course, the most reliable method of hair removal is laser hair removal, which is not only safe, but also very effective. Therefore, laser hair removal quickly became popular all over the world. In fact, many people have not seen hair growth or recurrence for many years after a course of hair removal.

  5.What are the factors that affect the effect of hair removal treatment?

  is mainly related to the following factors: individual patient differences greatly affect the treatment effect. Different people have different abilities to grow hair. In addition, skin color and hair color are obviously different, the treatment effect will be different, and the response of different parts of the hair follicle to laser treatment will be different. For example, facial hair is more difficult to remove than armpit hair. And the thickness of the hair also has a great influence on the treatment effect. From the perspective of equipment, there are certain differences in the safety of different treatment devices, and the laser light source will have a great impact on the treatment effect. For example, the treatment effect of laser is definitely better than that of strong light. Of course, the doctor’s experience is also very important. Experienced doctors can accurately grasp the indications and contraindications of treatment, adjust the treatment plan in time, and solve or avoid other possible problems.

  6. What should I pay attention to after treatment?

  Do not use any other hair removal treatments (including hair removal cream, hair removal, etc.). ) Before treatment (within 1 month), otherwise it will affect the effect of laser hair removal. Do not wash hot water in the depilation area within 12 hours after depilation, otherwise there is nothing to pay attention to. Of course, depending on your specific situation, the doctor may have other requirements.

  Will laser hair removal affect my work?

  After    treatment, there will be some slight edema in the skin pores, manifested as slight redness and edema. But it will disappear completely in about 2 hours. No one will know that you just had the magic laser hair removal treatment 2 hours ago. So laser hair removal will not affect your work, is it convenient?

  What season is the best season for hair removal?

  The season is not a problem, because it can be done in any season. If you want to wear short skirts or sleeveless shirts in summer, and don’t want those annoying hair embarrassing you, you should start laser hair removal treatment in winter or spring, because a course of hair removal treatment takes about 6 times, about 6 months. To complete. So when you start in winter, treatment is basically completed in summer. Of course, it is also possible to start treatment in summer, because the season has little effect on hair removal treatment.

  Can any part of the hair be removed with a laser?

  Of course, the answer is yes, any excess hair can be removed by laser. However, there are certain differences in the biological behavior of different parts of the hair, and the response to laser treatment is also different, so the treatment effect will also be different, which is reflected in the number of treatments.

  What is ice laser or ice crystal laser hair removal?

  At present, the semiconductor hair removal laser is the best hair removal machine among all hair removal machines, which is very suitable for hair removal treatment in Asia. Because the laser treatment head is equipped with cooling gemstones, patients feel cool and comfortable during hair removal. Therefore, some advertisements render this laser into ice laser or ice crystal laser to attract patients. This is just an advertisement, nothing special. Beauty program

  01 Check the skin When female friends use laser hair removal, they must remember to check whether their skin is red, swollen or injured. They cannot be exposed before laser treatment.

  02The correct choice of hair removal area Female friends must go to the hospital before hair removal to determine the area and range of hair removal. Because laser hair removal is permanent, it is only effective if you select a certain range.

  03 The correct selection method Female friends should not use hair removal cream or the like to remove hair before laser hair removal, otherwise laser hair removal will have no effect, and ensure the cleanliness of the part.

  04 Postoperative precautions: Female friends should not apply lotion or other items within one day after surgery, because these items will irritate the skin and cause infection.

  What should I pay attention to during laser hair removal surgery?

  1. Laser hair removal surgery cannot be performed within two months after any hair removal.

  2. Before laser hair removal, apply ice cubes or gel to the surgical area to reduce discomfort or pain during the operation.

  3. Swimming is not recommended after surgery. When the hair follicles under our skin have not fully recovered, swimming is not recommended.

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