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Some people say that the hair roots do not fall off after laser hair removal because of low energy and no effect?

  For many little fairies, laser hair removal may not be a good method of hair removal. The reason is that laser hair removal once does not completely stop their growth, but will make the hair thicker, so some fairies will think that this is not much different from using hair removal cream and razors, and will waste more time and energy.

  Different hair removal methods

  Is laser hair removal a scam?

  Lasers have wavelengths. Different materials have different light absorption rates for different wavelengths. Therefore, the doctor will find a suitable wavelength range (600-1100nm) so that the laser beam can penetrate to the depth of the hair follicle. Melanin can absorb more laser energy to achieve the effect of destroying hair follicles. As long as you choose the correct wavelength and operate properly, laser hair removal will not cause great damage to your skin.

  Laser hair removal process

  Theoretically, the hair growth cycle of different parts is different, and the interval time of laser hair removal is also different. The shorter the rest period, the shorter the interval between hair removal. But of course, the more laser hair removal times, the better, and you need to take an appropriate amount.

  In addition, it has something to do with my own situation. Some people will get better hair removal after laser hair removal once, while some people need more than ten times to clean it. Moreover, if the postoperative care is good, the small hairs will basically not grow again. So laser hair removal is really effective for hair loss, not a scam.

  Why did the hair roots not fall off after laser hair removal? Is it because of low energy?

  Laser hair removal is mainly based on the hair growth cycle. Under normal circumstances, the entire beauty hospital will tell you that you can take it off after a few cycles. Usually laser once a month or once a month and a half, there are six or eight times, but it is still long. It’s just not as dense and dark as before.

  Laser hair removal is better.

  Don’t get suntan after laser, because it depends on optics, it will be easy to get suntan. Also, getting rid of or not getting rid of is not a concept. It is estimated that the complete removal is the problem of the hair follicle itself.

  If it is because of energy problems, naturally, the higher the laser energy, the better the effect, but the greater the pain. Therefore, the appropriate density has no side effects, and the pain that the beauty seeker can accept is better. On the contrary, generally speaking, if there is no pain or local skin reaction during hair removal, it is likely that the energy density is too low.

  Comparison of the effects of laser hair removal

  Choose energy according to skin tone and use cooling device. The whiter the skin and the darker the hair, the better the laser hair removal effect. People with darker skin should not use too much light energy to avoid damage to the skin. You can start with low energy and gradually increase energy. In addition, a cooling device can be added during use to improve comfort. For example, the freezing point hair removal device adopts a sapphire laser hair removal device, which uses sapphire as a cooling surface to reduce the temperature of heat and light, and realizes the simultaneous icy hair removal and deicing during use, which not only reduces the occurrence of adverse reactions, but also effectively removes excess hair. .

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