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Freezing point hair removal and Alexandrite 755 hair removal, which one is a scam?

  In summer, how many essays flew to the front line of hair removal. After all, no one likes not using their hands at all. Before, everyone would choose laser hair removal to improve, but the pain will be higher. However, there has been freezing point hair removal in the past two years, and the title will not hurt. But in fact, only oneself really knows whether it hurts or not. It is said that the effect is basically the same. Is freezing point hair removal a scam?

  For girls, where they need to be depilated.

  Now that we are talking about hair removal, let’s take a look at Feiton and 755 emerald laser hair removal imported from Israel. Which is better and which is a scam?

  From all aspects, which is better for the hair removal effect of Israel’s Phaedon freezing point and 755 emerald?

  Freezing point hair removal mainly uses the instrument of Felton, Israel. At present, it is divided into freezing point hair removal laser, waltz freezing point hair removal laser, Sopono ice and so on. Today we are mainly talking about freezing point hair removal laser. Freezing point hair removal is the first three generations of laser hair removal products from Feidun Company. During the treatment, you may feel warm or slight tingling, the thicker the hair, the more noticeable it is.

  freezing point hair removal device

  emerald laser hair removal is mainly named according to the wavelength. The emerald wavelength of 755nm can directly act on hair follicles, and it also has DCD dynamic cold spray technology, which instantly reduces the skin temperature to -20, protects the epidermis while removing hair.

  Comparison of    freezing point hair removal and emerald hair removal

  It can be seen from the table that emerald laser hair removal and freezing point hair removal have their own advantages and disadvantages. During the treatment, freezing point hair removal will not be thermally stimulated like ordinary laser hair removal. The energy of ordinary laser is relatively high, the number of treatments will be less than the freezing point, and the pain will be more or less, so the specific choice mainly depends on which part of the hair you want to take off.

  755 Emerald Laser Hair Removal Device

  As for laser/freezing point hair removal, it is a scam, here is a lie.

  Many babies say that hair reappears after one month of treatment, but it has no effect at all. Actually, it’s not. This is mainly because hair is divided into three growth cycles: growth phase, fading phase and resting phase. Only the hair in the growth period can be effectively removed, so it is normal to grow hair after one treatment.

  The three growth cycles of hair follicles

  Whether it is laser hair removal or freezing point hair removal, it is a course of treatment, and it can be done directly without one time. Generally, after 2-3 times, the hair may grow out, but in fact, it will fall off as long as you pat it with your hand, so the effect is beyond doubt.

  Emerald laser hair removal is better for soft and light-colored hair because it uses a long pulse width of 755nm, for example, to remove soft hair on the arm. However, if you want to remove thick hair such as underarms or legs, it is still recommended to choose freezing point. After all, the wavelength of the freezing point is within 1200nm, which has a certain influence. Comparison of freezing point method before and after leg depilation

  In summary, freezing point hair removal and laser hair removal are actually effective. It mainly depends on where you want to get your hair removed. It is enough to choose a suitable surgical plan. What needs to remind Jimei is that there is also a kind of ultra-ice hair removal in the Israeli flight segment. This effect is not bad, but there may be fewer equipment in China at present, so you must pay attention to the distinction.

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