After 6 years of laser hair removal, it has grown again. I regret not choosing freezing point to remove armpit hair.

  Does not shed hair in spring and is not enchanting in summer. Believe that babies with thick hair have a deep understanding of this sentence. Every spring, they start looking for various methods of hair removal. Some babies will choose medical beauty laser hair removal to improve, but laser hair removal will grow again, so some netizens ask questions.

  I have not had any cosmetic surgery. I used depilatory cream and a razor to remove it. At first I felt that the effect was good, but later found that the hair that grew back was long and thick, and I didn’t dare to do it again.

  All parts of the body are covered with hair.

  B: I have been using a home hair removal device before. It is said on the Internet that the effect is good, but I have not felt any effect after using it for two consecutive years. I still need medical beauty to improve it.

  C: My hair is quite strong, especially under the armpits, so I did laser hair removal at the beginning. Although the effect was good at the time, after five or six years, I found that it slowly grew back. what do I do?

  Why home hair removal devices and laser hair removal are invalid?

  Whether it is a home hair removal device or a laser hair removal device in medical beauty, it needs to be used continuously to be effective. At the same time, hair removal also depends on the time. Many people may wonder why it depends on the time. In fact, because the hair has different growth cycles, the hair on the limbs is about 40-45 days, and the hair on the face is about 30 days. In addition, there is more than one hair follicle in one site.

  Physical hair removal has obvious pain.

  Both the hair removal device and laser hair removal need a course of treatment, while the hair removal device needs 2-3 days, while the laser hair removal needs 3-5 times before there is a significant change. The effect of laser hair removal lasts longer than home hair removal devices, about 1-2 years. During this period, the hair becomes soft and the number of hair regrowths will be much less than before.

  Laser hair removal principle

  It can be said that these two hair removal methods will be effective. For example, the netizen Xiao C mentioned above said that after five or six years, she feels that her hair is growing again. There is only one reason, that is, she did not continue to maintain the effect during this period, so this happened.

  Would it be better to use freezing points for hair removal at the beginning?

  In fact, freezing point hair removal is a bit similar to laser hair removal. According to the selective photothermal effect and the principle of the freezing point semiconductor laser hair removal device, during the operation, the probe of the device will cool down, cool down, and frost, and stick to the skin, which can calm the epidermis, produce the effect of ice anesthesia, and avoid being emitted. High temperature energy burns.

  The treatment principle of freezing point hair removal

  The advantage of  freezing point is that it is more comfortable and will not be too hot during treatment, so many people who are new to medical cosmetic hair removal will choose freezing point. In fact, the effect of freezing point is similar to that of laser, and both require a course of treatment. At the same time, the darker the hair color, the better, the lighter the color, the harder it is to get rid of. And in winter and spring, the melanin content in the skin is low, which is very suitable for hair removal in these two seasons. Comparison of the effect before and after freezing point hair removal

  Let’s put it this way, whether it is a home hair removal device, laser hair removal or freezing point hair removal, it will grow back after a period of maintenance. Don’t believe what foreign businessmen say that as long as they drag on, they won’t grow any longer, they are all fake. Laser hair removal will only make the hair lighter and softer. Never believe that the hair will not grow anymore.

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