laser epilator

How to depilate? How about the effect of laser hair removal? What should we pay attention to when doing laser hair removal?

Depilation is a compulsory course in summer. Whether it’s a little sister or a little brother, you don’t want to expose your long legs to a layer of natural “wool pants”! So which method of hair removal is very popular?


Medical beauty depilation is a method with more effective effect and long duration. In short, it is a more effective depilation method. Bad places are naturally more expensive, and they have to be done every other period of time. Generally, they have to be done 3-6 times, not once. For example: laser hair removal.

The principle of laser hair removal is that the melanin in the hair matrix absorbs light energy, and the hair matrix then transfers heat to the dermal papilla. The dermal papilla is heated and solidified, and finally the hair falls off. The hair matrix in the growing period contains a lot of melanin, which is easy to produce thermal coagulation, so the hair in the growing period is easy to fall off, while the hair matrix in the degenerative and quiescent periods has little melanin, which is difficult to absorb light and cannot produce thermal coagulation, so the hair cannot be removed, so the hair should be removed for many times.

Laser hair removal is a hair removal method with less pain among all hair removal methods. Clinical experimental results: after 3 ~ 5 courses of treatment, more than 95% of cases have 80% of hair falling off, with less and thinner hair, lighter color and slower growth speed. If only 1-2 treatments are out of date, all cases demonstrate 30% to 50% hair reduction. In most clinical cases, the average energy density used is only 10 ~ 20j / cm2, which can effectively depilate, so as to avoid possible medical risks such as burns.

Why can laser hair removal achieve such an effect?

Because according to the principle of photothermal dynamics, 810 nm wavelength laser can pass through the epidermis and enter the true inner skin layer, which is selectively absorbed by melanin particles in hair and hair follicles to produce photothermal effect. The heat energy in hair can be transmitted to the surrounding, completely destroy hair follicles, stem cells and other ‘hair roots’ and produce long-term hair removal. The normal tissues around hair follicles are not affected because they do not contain melanin particles.

When doing laser hair removal, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Choose a regular medical institution, operated by experienced medical staff, to avoid burns and scars;
  2. Strict sunscreen is required one month before and after laser hair removal to avoid pigmentation.