How much is whole body laser depilation? What price range is the price of laser hair removal?

Whole body laser hair removal adopts the principle of selective photopyrolysis of patented strong pulse light source, and uses the melanocytes in the hair follicle to receive the light of specific wave band, so as to generate heat in the hair follicle, avoid damage to the surrounding tissue and achieve the effect of hair removal at the same time. The photon of whole-body laser hair removal is a kind of strong pulse light with wide spectrum, which can rejuvenate the skin while hair removal.

Whole body laser hair removal

The price of whole-body laser hair removal is also very concerned by beauty lovers, ranging from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan. Why is there such a big difference? Experts will give you detailed answers.

  1. Different institutions. Throughout Beijing, there are many institutions to carry out laser hair removal.
  2. Different instruments. The United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, South Korea and China
  3. The asking price of the operator is different.
  4. Environment and service

The price determining factor of whole-body laser hair removal is equipment. The more expensive the instruments (such as Israel’s feidun painless hair removal equipment), the higher the price. Take the armpit as an example, the price of the normal hospital is between 1000-2000, while the domestic instruments are likely to be between 200-500. The right track plastic and cosmetic institutions ensure the painless and safe depilation with their professional technical level, strict equipment and strict disinfection equipment.