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Will laser hair removal rebound? Is laser hair removal effective?

  Laser hair removal is a new achievement brought about by the development of science and technology in recent years, which can make people achieve the effect of hair removal more simply, conveniently, quickly and painlessly. However, the shortcomings of laser hair removal cannot be ignored. For example, laser hair removal can bounce back, injure the skin, and burn the skin. Therefore, laser hair removal cannot be permanently effective.

  Will laser hair removal rebound?

  In recent years, the use of laser hair removal has become more and more popular, so many people who have never used laser hair removal are eager to try it, but everyone is worried about the effect after finishing, because most people choose laser hair removal for permanent purposes. So, is laser hair removal permanent? Will it rebound after laser hair removal?

  1. It will rebound and grow hair.

  Most people cannot achieve permanent results after using laser hair removal, they will grow new hair again. Generally speaking, the basic course of laser hair removal for customers in beauty salons will include three to five times, with an interval of not less than one month between each two. But after many people tried it, whether it was done once or three or five times, they found that new hairs would grow in the end. But this does not mean that the laser is ineffective, because the new hair will be less than before, and it will be thinner and softer.

  2, cause hair follicle damage

  Laser hair removal mainly uses laser energy to damage the hair follicles and make the entire hair fall off the hair follicles. Since the laser will damage the hair follicles, it means that the laser has an impact on the body. The human perspiration system is not only sweat glands, but also the hair follicles and hairs on the skin’s surface. These auxiliary organs play an important role in perspiration, so laser hair removal will affect perspiration after damaging the hair follicles.

  3. May burn the skin.

  Laser hair removal is the use of laser energy to damage hair follicles, which shows that the energy of laser is destructive to the skin of the body, and “laser knives” are also used in many medical operations. Therefore, if the laser energy is used improperly, it may cause damage to the human body. cause some damages. Therefore, every year, a lot of news about skin burns caused by laser hair removal is exposed.

  Is laser hair removal effective?

  1. Grow new hair.

  After using laser hair removal, most people find that laser hair removal is not as long as expected. Laser hair removal is usually done three to five times. Of course, this is a basic course of treatment, and some people choose different courses of treatment. However, many people will grow new hair after three to five times.

  2. But it will become thinner and softer.

  Although most people still grow new hair after laser hair removal, it does not mean that laser hair removal is ineffective. After laser hair removal, the new hair will generally grow out less than the previous hair, will be thinner and softer, so if there are too many hairs, it is not impossible to try laser hair removal.

  3. Laser will damage hair follicles.

  Laser hair removal mainly uses the high energy of laser to damage the hair follicles and make the entire hair fall off the hair follicles. After the hair follicle is damaged, the body will also be affected. The human perspiration system not only includes sweat glands, but also hair follicles and the hair on the surface of the skin. Therefore, laser hair removal damages the hair follicles and affects the body’s perspiration. 4. It may also burn the skin

  Laser hair removal cannot achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, and there is a potential danger, that is, it may burn the skin. Because the laser itself is a kind of high-energy light energy, laser knives are used in surgery in medicine, so if the laser is not mastered, it may burn the skin. There are many examples of laser hair removal burns the skin every year.

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