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What are the side effects of laser hair removal

 In summer, especially for women, they start to worry about hair. Short skirts and shorts cannot be worn. Really sorry. Black hair really affects the image. The doctor said that laser hair removal can remove hair, but the beauty seekers said that they heard that laser hair removal has side effects. What are the side effects of laser hair removal?

Dr.    pointed out that laser hair removal requires an experienced doctor to treat it. After laser hair removal treatment, as long as the seeker gets the correct skin care instructions, there will be no side effects. Laser hair removal only acts on the hair follicles on the surface of the skin. This kind of light is different from x-ray, so it will not affect health. In addition, laser hair removal only acts on the hair follicles with melanocyte particles, which are fully absorbed by the hair follicles, destroying the hair follicles, leaving the hair follicles in atrophy state, the pores naturally become thinner and smaller, and the skin is delicate and smooth.

  Laser hair removal is suitable for limb hair, hairline, eyebrows, lip hair, armpit hair, pubic hair, etc. And it works very well. This kind of laser hair removal has been successfully treated thousands of times worldwide and has obtained FDA certification. After treatment, the skin has no scabs, infections and side effects. The laser hair removal treatment process is simple and quick.

  What are the side effects of laser hair removal? Laser hair removal may be accompanied by slight redness and swelling, but the redness and swelling will not last long and will usually subside within a few hours or a few days. After treatment, the changes in skin color will subside in about 2-3 weeks, there will be no changes in skin color, no scars, and no effect on sweat glands. Photon hair removal is a safe, fast and long-lasting hair removal method.

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