Does laser depilation hurt? Will laser depilation burn the skin?

Does laser depilation hurt? Will laser depilation burn the skin? There are many hair loss methods, such as traditional shaving, honey wax, hair removal cream and so on, but the hair removal effect is not ideal. Now the more appropriate hair removal method is laser hair removal, which directly acts on the hair follicle and inhibits the growth of hair follicle. However, some people are afraid of pain. Let’s have a look now.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal technology uses the principle of selective pyrolysis of light, uses laser energy to destroy the rich melanin in hair and hair follicles, inhibit hair growth and fundamentally remove hair. Hair and hair follicles are rich in melanin, which is much darker than the surrounding skin. When the laser with strong penetration ability enters the skin, the light is scattered in the skin and selectively absorbed by the melanin in the hair stem and hair follicle. These melanins absorb light energy and convert it into heat energy, which increases the temperature of hair follicle. When it reaches a certain degree, its structure will be irreversibly damaged, and the hair follicle will degenerate, shrink and no longer grow, so as to achieve the long-term hair removal effect.

1、 Does laser depilation hurt?

In fact, the pain mainly depends on the equipment. There is no obvious feeling when the fox is reshaped and depilated. It is very comfortable. There is a slight tingling feeling when it is done on the face, but generally speaking, it is within the acceptable range. Since the advent of the new hair removal machine for the shaping of Dazi fox, it has broken through the limitation of the traditional single wavelength output and made use of the dual wavelength mixed output characteristics. The hair removal is really painless and the comfort is greatly improved.

2、 Can laser depilation burn the skin?

If the operation is correct, of course not. Laser hair removal works on hair, not skin. In addition, many laser treatment heads now have cooling devices, which can cool the surrounding skin while beating hair follicles. However, it should be noted that if the doctor’s technology is not qualified, there is still a risk of burning the skin, such as high energy or not choosing the right place for hair.

3、 Will laser depilation have side effects?

can’t. Many people may think of radiation as soon as they hear the laser, but beauties can rest assured that the medical laser is harmless to the human body. Moreover, laser hair removal only damages the hair follicle and no longer grows hair, which does not cause damage to other skin tissues of the human body.