diode laser hair removal

Did laser depilation need not worry about long hair any more?

Recently, a bunch of small advertisements have been updated on the electric pole at the door of my house, among which the most exciting thing for my roommate is “permanent laser hair removal”.

Early in the morning, she rushed into the house with advertising paper and asked me excitedly, “am I going to do laser hair removal and will never grow hair? Can I do it in the afternoon?”

Chun Yujun could only stop her with a helpless face: “big sister, don’t be too naive, will you?”

What is laser depilation?

Laser hair removal is different from ordinary hair removal methods such as shaving, hot wax hair removal and hair removal cream. It is an optical based treatment mechanism.

In short, the laser can be reflected, scattered, conducted or absorbed by the skin. Laser hair removal is to irradiate the skin with pulsed light at the wavelength of 600 ~ 1100mm to make it absorbed by the melanin in the hair matrix.

After that, melanin will convert light energy into heat energy and diffuse, so as to destroy hair bulb cells and hair stem cells.

After laser hair removal, you never need to shave?

Most girls are concerned about whether I don’t need hair removal after laser hair removal?

In fact, this is just a gimmick made by businesses. Prior to this, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a statement:

Laser hair removal manufacturers cannot claim that the machine can achieve permanent hair removal, but only stable, long-term or permanent hair reduction.

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